AMG is a parallel algebraic multigrid solver for linear systems arising from problems on unstructured grids.

ASPA | C++

ASPA Proxy Application,Multi-scale, adaptive sampling, materials science proxy.

Chatterbug | C++, MPI

A suite of communication-intensive proxy applications that mimic commonly found communication patterns in HPC codes. These codes can be used as synthetic codes for benchmarking, or for trace generation using OTF2.


CLAMR is a cell-based adaptive mesh refinement mini-app developed as a testbed for hybrid algorithm development using MPI and OpenCL.

CloverLeaf | Fortran

A miniapp that solves the compressible Euler equations on a Cartesian grid.

CloverLeaf3D | Fortran

3D version of a miniapp that solves compressible Euler equations on a Cartesian grid

CoGL | C++

Analyzes pattern formation in ferroelastic materials and tests in situ visualization.


A proxy application for the Heterogeneous Multiscale Method (HMM) augmented with adaptive sampling.

Comb | C++, MPI, CUDA, OpenMP

Comb is a communication performance benchmarking tool.

CoMD | C

A classical molecular dynamics proxy application implemented in multiple programing models.

CoSP2 | C

CoSP2 implements typical linear algebra algorithms and workloads for a quantum molecular dynamics (QMD) electronic structure code


A miniapp for the Energy Banding Monte Carlo (EBMC) neutron transportation simulation code.

Ember | C and MPI/SHMEM

Ember code components represent highly simplified communication patterns that are relevant to DOE application workloads.

ExaMiniMD | C++

A proxy application and research vehicle for particle codes, in particular Molecular Dynamics

FleCSALE | C++

ALE hydrodynamics solver suite using FleCSI.


A simple conjugate gradient benchmark code for a 3D chimney domain.


HPGMG implements full multigrid (FMG) algorithms using finite-volume and finite-element methods.

Kripke | C++

Laghos | C++

Laghos solves the Euler equation of compressible gas dynamics in a Lagrangian frame using unstructured high-order finite elements.


LCALS (“Livermore Compiler Analysis Loop Suite”) is a collection of loop kernels based, in part, on historical “Livermore Loops” benchmarks


A Multi-purpose, Application-Centric, Scalable I/O Proxy Application

MCB | C++

The Monte Carlo Benchmark (MCB) is a proxy for the computational performance of Monte Carlo algorithms on parallel architectures.

MerBench | C, UPC

A compact set of PGAS benchmarks that capture the communication patterns of the parallel algorithms throughout HipMer, a parallel genome assembler pipeline.

miniAero | C

An explicit unstructured finite volume code that solves the compressible Navier-Stokes equations

miniAMR | C

3D stencil calculation with Adaptive Mesh Refinement

miniFE | C++, CUDA, MPI, OpenMP

A miniapp for unstructured implicit finite element codes.

miniGhost | Fortran

A Finite Difference app which implements a difference stencil across a homogenous three dimensional domain.

miniGMG | C

miniGMG is a proxy for geometric multigrid solvers found in applications built from AMR MG frameworks like CHOMBO or BoxLib.

miniMD | C++

A simple proxy for the force computations in typical molecular dynamics applications.

miniQMC | C++, OpenMP

This miniapp contains a simplified but computationally accurate implementation of the real space quantum Monte Carlo algorithms implemented in the full production QMCPACK application.

miniSMAC2D | Fortran

Solves the finite-differenced 2D incompressible Navier-Stokes equations with Spalart-Allmaras one-equation turbulence model on a structured body conforming grid

miniTri | C++

Proxy for a class of triangle based data analytics

miniVite | C++, MPI, OpenMP

miniVite is a proxy application that implements a single phase of Louvain method in distributed memory for graph community detection.

miniXyce | C++

A portable proxy of some of the key capabilities in the electrical modeling Xyce.

NEKbone | Fortran

Nekbone captures the basic structure and user interface of the extensive Nek5000 software.

NuT | C++

NuT is Monte Carlo code for neutrino transport and is a C++ analog to the Haskell McPhD code.

Pathfinder | C++

A signature search miniapp.


An unstructured mesh physics mini-app designed for advanced architecture research.

PICSARlite | Fortran, MPI

PICSARlite is a subset of the PICSAR suite that allows testing of smaller electromagnetic Particle-In-Cell kernels.

PlasmaApp | C++

PlasmaApp is a flexible implicit charge and energy conserving implicit PIC framework.

ProfugusMC | C++, MPI, CUDA

ProfugusMC is a multigroup Monte Carlo neutron transport mini-app based on ORNL's production Shift code.

Quicksilver | C++

Quicksilver is a open source proxy app that represents the key elements of the Mercury workload by solving a simplified dynamic monte carlo particle transport problem. OpenMP and MPI are used for parallelization. A GPU version is available.

RAJA Performance Suite | C++

The RAJA performance suite is designed to explore performance of loop-based computational kernels of the sort found in HPC applications. In particular, it is used to assess, monitor, and compare runtime performance of kernels implemented using RAJA and variants implemented using standard or vendor-supported parallel programming models directly.

RSBench | C

A mini-app to represent the multipole resonance representation lookup cross section algorithm.

SimpleMOC | C

A Method of Characteristics (MOC) miniapp for 3D neutron transport calculations in the context of full scale light water reactor simulation.

SNAP | Fortran

SNAP serves as a proxy application to model the performance of a modern discrete ordinates neutral particle transport application.

SNbone | C, Fortran

This application targets the primary computational solve burden of a SN, continuous finite element based transport equation solver

SW4lite | C, Fortran

Sw4lite is a bare bone version of SW4 intended for testing performance optimizations in a few important numerical kernels of SW4.


Hardware Accelerated Cosmology Code (HACC) Distributed memory discrete fast Fourier transform

TeaLeaf | Fortran

A miniapp that solves the linear heat conduction equation on a spatially decomposed regularly grid using a 5 point stencil with implicit solvers.

Thornado-mini | Fortran

A mini-app for finite element, moment-based radiation transport. The method — ultimately targeted at simulation of neutrino transport in core-collapse supernovae — includes the use of curvilinear coordinates and tabulated microphysics.

Tycho2 | C++

A neutral particle transport mini-app to study performance of sweeps on unstructured, 3D tetrahedral meshes.

VPFFT++ | C++

VPFFT++ is a proxy for the algorithms in a mesoscale micromechanical materials code, VPFFT.

XSBench | C

XSBench is a mini-app representing a key computational kernel of the Monte Carlo neutronics application OpenMC.