Brief XSBench is a mini-app representing a key computational kernel of the Monte Carlo neutronics application OpenMC.
Programming languages/paradigms C
Latest Version 14
Git URL https://github.com/ANL-CESAR/XSBench
Tarball download URL https://github.com/ANL-CESAR/XSBench/archive/v14.tar.gz
Spack package xsbench
Description The XSBench proxy app models the most computationally intensive part of a typical MC transport algorithm - the calculation of macroscopic neutron cross sections - a kernel which accounts for around 85% of the total runtime of OpenMC. The essential computational conditions and tasks of fully featured MC neutron transport codes are retained in the mini-app, without the addi- tional complexity of the full application. This provides a much simpler and more transparent platform for determining performance benefits resulting from a given hardware feature or software optimization.