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NuT is Monte Carlo code for neutrino transport and is a C++ analog to the Haskell McPhD code.
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NuT simulates neutrino transport. Currently, it runs in 1D, spherical and 3D Cartesian geometries (the mesh geometry and topology is carefully encapsulated, so adding another mesh requires a few hundred lines of interface implementation). Particles events are tallied in the lab frame, while scattering events (cross sections) are calculated in the co-moving frame. Cross-sections are computed via analytic formulae given in Herant et al [2]. Nut is a C++ analog to the Haskell McPhD code. It currently has serial (master branch) and OpenMP (openmp branch) implementations. NuT is principally aimed at exploring on-node parallelism and performance issues. Like McPhD, NuT's driver application is currently configured to run electron neutrinos and antineutrinos; mu and tau neutrinos are approximated as nu_x. Changing this is a simple edit.