miniXyce is a simple linear circuit simulator with a basic parser that performs transient analysis on any circuit with resistors (R), inductors (L), capacitors (C), and voltage/current sources. The parser incorporated into this version of miniXyce is a single pass parser, where the netlist is expected to be flat (no hierarchy via subcircuits is allowed). Simulating the system of DAEs generates a nonsymmetric linear problem, which is solved using un-preconditioned GMRES. The time integration method used in miniXyce is backward Euler with a constant time-step. The simulator outputs all the solution variables at each time step in a ‘prn’ file.

The development of the first version of miniXyce resulted in something closer to a compact application than a miniapp since more focus was put on the simulator returning the correct answer, than modeling performance characteristics of interest.


NOTE: Run time on all supplied tests too short for PMU performance analysis

Build and Run Information

Compiler = clang version 7.0.0
Build Flags = -g -O3 -march=native
Run Parameters = -c tests/

Intel Software Development Emulator

SDE Metrics
Arithmetic Intensity 0.003
Bytes per Load Inst 6.87
Bytes per Store Inst 7.29