Getting a proxy application added to this website

Option 1: File an issue

File an issue here and complete all the sections.

Option 2: Using git and github

  1. Fork the github repository of the proxy apps website.
  2. Lets say your new proxy application is called “proxyapp”. Based on the apps.template.json file in the top level directory, create a new file proxy-desc/proxyapp.json and fill in the details. Remove items that do not apply. In principle, any valid json is fine, which can be checked here. Newline characters are not allowed in json files, but one can add multiple lines like this:
     "longdesc" : ["line1",
  3. Based on the, create a new file _apps/ and fill in the file name proxyapp.json in the file variable (please do not delete the “/proxy-desc/” prefix).
  4. Submit a pull request to the github repository of the proxy apps website. To do so:

    i. Add the new files to the next commit

       git add proxy-desc/proxyapp.json _apps/

    ii. Commit the changes

       git commit -m "Added proxyapp"

    iii. Push the commit to your fork

       git push

    iv. Open a pull request